11 January 2018

9 January 2018

Isotope by Hoefler & Co.

17 December 2017

T Bird – courtesy of Grabowski Speed Shop.

12 December 2017

Abba on tour, 1977.

11 December 2017

The Endless Summer. Bruce Brown 1937–2017.

3 December 2017

That time New Zealand was the style centre of the world.

27 November 2017

Penguin and Ladybird.

6 November 2017

Cloud Iron. In 1924, El Lissitzky created a series of eight lightweight horizontal skyscrapers to address Moscow’s problems of overcrowding and inadequate public transport. Photograph: Peter Cox/Imagine Moscow.

29 October 2017



Holden 1968 HK 'taxi' sales brochure.

24 October 2017

Mustang 1973

18 October 2017

By Emma Bass, see more of her work here emmabass.co.nz

11 October 2017

The TWA lounge on 86th floor of 1WTC is an events and information centre for the development of the TWA Hotel at JFK in New York. This reception desk is modelled after TWA ticket counters created by Raymond Loewy.
 Image by Emily Gilbert.

5 October 2017

Image by Lynette Jackson which she created in an iPhone. See more of her work at www.lynettejackson.co

27 September 2017


6 September 2017

BOAC, photograph by Julius Shulman 1961.

27 August 2017

Bad tenants, photogenic though.

22 August 2017

14 August 2017

Illustrator unknown.
Ralph A. Fournier (85) was a mid-century architect who came out of the School of Architecture at Washington University during the golden age of St. Louis Modernism. Born in Holyoke, Mass., he graduated in 1952, where he studied under legends Eugene Mackey and Edouard Mutrux, a partner of Bernoudy. He designed contemporary homes from St. Louis to Atlanta to Indianapolis.

10 August 2017

Untitled monochrome by Gary Peters

8 August 2017

Our Middle Name, by Hoefler&Co., and the final story here.
House of Flying Reference Marks, by Hoefler&Co., another lovely story here.
Pilcrow & Capitulum, by Hoefler&Co. Read another lovely story here.
The Loveliest Living Fossil, by Hoefler&Co. Read this lovely short story here.

1 August 2017

Piccadilly Circus 1974.
The first Camaro off the production line.

30 July 2017

Cornelia Parker’s 'Unsettled' at Perrotin Gallery, New York. 

Jean Blackburn’s 'Untitled 2014' Pierogi Gallery, New York.
Images photographed by David Behringer. www.thetwopercent.com

20 July 2017

Design graduate Kasey Hou has developed a flat-pack toaster that can be easily repaired if it breaks down.
Book jacket

19 July 2017

Odoardo Cavagnari’s Fiat service station in Asmara, Eritrea, East Africa.

18 July 2017

So delightfully simple.
Geoffrey de Havilland created the Mosquito in the early 1940s. It was one of the fastest, highest-flying aircrafts in the Second World War. It was a fraction of the weight of the Lancaster bomber and was faster than a Spitfire. It was made out of plywood. 

8 July 2017

The original Toyota Corolla, 1966.

4 July 2017

In 1910, at the age of 43, Frank Lloyd Wright traveled to Europe to present what would become his most beloved collection of structure illustrations: the Wasmuth Portfolio. One of these famous drawings was something Wright called 'Boathouse for the University of Wisconsin Boat Club.' Twenty years later, the architect included this same boathouse in an international exhibition of six of his greatest works. The boathouse idea was obviously a favorite of Wright’s, featuring design elements seen in other local treasures like the Martin House and the Larkin Building – large vertical piers supporting horizontal planes. Sadly, it was never constructed. It was one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most significant projects that had never come to fruition – until now. Completed in 2007, the Rowing Boathouse is open to the public for tours and available for rent for special events and meetings.

Copy from visitbuffaloniagara.com, not sure who took the photo.

3 July 2017

A Pierre Koenig house, built in 1953 – The Squire House, 5323 Palm Drive, La Canada Flintridge CA. Structural Engineer: William Porush.

2 July 2017

This small mantelpiece clock was made in a small watchmaker workshop in Leipzig, East Germany, in the 1960s. The clock is hand carved and painted.

OSTEL Hostel Berlin www.ostel.eu

Just imagine that it is the year 1978 and the Berlin Wall still exists.

Erich Honecker would be in power with his really existing Socialism. We warmly invite you to the OSTEL Hostel Berlin, to a journey back in time to the East Berlin of the seventies and eighties.

29 June 2017

House by Barbara Becker Atelier Arquitetura in Pato Branco, Brazil. Photography by Estudiograma.
Digital drawing by Gary Peters, 2017.

11 June 2017


9 June 2017

Falling Water, before and after. Frank Lloyd Wright.

23 May 2017

Neelam Theatre in Chandigarh is part of Le Corbusier's post-independence masterplan. The architect of the theatre was Aditya Prakash who completed this building in the early 1950s. Images by British photographer Edmund Sumner.